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Merger & Acquisition Research & Outreach Services

Merger & Acquisition Research & Outreach Services2017-07-12T11:24:32+00:00

Mergers and acquisitions are an important element of many firms’ growth plans. In some cases, this can be the most effective and efficient way to expand client types, service offerings and target geographies.

Applying our market research expertise, we take a unique approach to developing target criteria based on your firm’s strategic objectives and building a list of appropriate candidates. We then conduct extensive interviews with interested firms to assess their fit with your search criteria and cultural compatibility. We are also available to assist in your due diligence process.

  • Merger & Acquisition Searches
  • Due Diligence Client Interviews

“…a unique ability to gain instant trust during cold calls and extract detailed information— a rare talent.”

“…conscientious, passionate, and dedicated to excellence.”