Friedman & Partners is a virtual firm, tapping into a network of seasoned professionals who serve the business needs of architecture, engineering, environmental consulting and construction firms. The firm is also a founding member of A|E Advisors, a collaboration of recognized industry leaders and host of its annual CEO Forum.

  • Creative business solutions tailored for your firm
  • A team working independently yet collaboratively
  • National coverage and depth of staff resources

A|E Advisors includes:

Strategic Planning

Kogan & Company, LLC
Raymond Kogan, AIA

Human Resources Policy & Program Development

HR Advisors Group, LLC
Barbara Irwin

Valuation & Ownership Transition

Matheson Financial Advisors, Inc.
Colvin T. Matheson, CFA

Branding & Corporate Identity

Capital Design Inc.
Susan Denner

Contracting, Risk Management & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Harness Project Solutions, LLC
Suzanne Harness, Esq., AIA

Additional partners include:

Board Guidance & Executive Team Development

Sprankle Leadership
Kathryn Sprankle
Kathryn Sprankle LinkedIn

Knowledge Management & Intranets

Knowledge Architecture
Christopher Parsons

Content Marketing Development & PR Strategy/Programs

Artisan Communications
Sally Anne Giedrys